This Is a Webpage dedicated to World Of Tanks. Player Profile GunMetal_Engineer..  and clan LUGER
            Clan LUGER's Recruiting page click here....

     Our Clan Profile  

  Clan [LUGER] is recruiting all tiers/Skill levels... if you are currently a player, and would like to be in a clan (a new/young clan) please feel free to apply... 

  If you are not on world of tanks, please send me an email, and I will invite yo to the game,... (World of tanks will send you an email.. follow the recruiter link to set up an account... and install the game... -- there are links below to help you in gaming, as well as I wil lplatoon with you to help you get started.. I am online from around 8am CST to 100pm CST + Most of the day Saturday and Sunday) players who join "under" me in the recruiting program, get better Xp per battle, and other bonuses as we play ... here

  * I recruit you... you help me get a free tank,.. you Recruit somebody, they help you get a free tank.. it's a circle... 

     My Player Profile 

 * According to the stats, I am maybe an average player... I play far too many lower tier battles to really keep my stats up... I get plenty fed up and Sui-scout  battles... (thus see my Scout medals) I don't take "Random" battles very seriously. I am trying to get a good group of players together to do "Team Battles/Mode" as well as win some (Clan) Stronghold battles... 

Clan luger is recruiting:  Some things you will need to know:

Team/ Clan Luger (alliance)

• No minimum Requirements to join (the big box clans have this)

• Be an Active player - As active as you would like to be...

• We do Battle for Strongholds (currently level V stronghold. 

• We have our own teamspeak channel

• We also do Skype chat, or teamspeak *Flexable as how to communicate.

• We are in need of folks who are good at Calling. If that's you, please let us know. 

• We are all Friendly, no Drama, have fun, meet new people.

• Learn From Each other - We offer Training rooms to help you with your game. (angling, use of camo, Scouting, etc)

• The Function of the Clan is to help each other improve on your game, platoon, and stronghold to get everyone up to tier 6, where we play majority of stronghold battles)

• Learn how to call/ Learn how to listen to Calls, and Improve your overall game. 

Thank you for stopping by.. 


MY MODS 9.14 ZIP file     Female Crew, XVM, bi-level damage panel, 60X Zoom, Melty Maps Math Mod. 

Useful Links:

     Premuim Shop - Main Page - Wiki WOT page

     Vehicles: USSR - Germany - USA - France - China - British - Japan - Premium Tanks

     Helpful Things: Crew - Equipment - Tactics

     Player Profiles: Noob Meter - Wot Stats

     Informational sights: Camo Rating Calculator - Brawling Tips - Tips

    Install Mods --> Worldoftanks/resmods/[Version #]/

     Melty Maps Math Mod  - offers Damage Counter, 30x zoom n all your reload, and repair calcs.. and some nice arty calcs too

    XVM - Tells you the Stats of Players, Win Rates, # of battles played in that tank etc.. (depends on your Config) Also allows server reticle... aka, your screen says u r shooting here,, but where is your reticule on the server?)

    Session Statistics - At the end of the battle it pops up a better detailed report of the last battle, and adds it to the "pool" and gives you daily "how am I doing values"

   Jimbo's XVM Config - one of many XVM configs...

   Female Crew Members - Nice to have a female face in your garage.. most are very attractive...

  Hit Skins (In your resmods Root) - Banned by WOT... I'm sure its avalable on google if desired.. was a useful way to learn where to hit, pre-ban

 Artasan's Info Panel - A useful mod that, when you aim at a tank, it gives you their armor values, their gun size and pen... Aka, so u know if u got a chance... lol

  Half Tracks & Enviornment Mod - turns crappy civillian cars into duce and a halves, half tracks and willeys jeeps... on highway it turns the billboards into historical WWII posters.. 

  Useful hit Log w/ Received Log -

  Safeshot - Will not allow you to shoot allies, also wont allow u wo waste a round on a killed tank... 

  Better Sessions Statistics -

  Team HP Pools - Tells you the Armor/health left on both sides.... and tells you the value to achieve High Caliber medal - but if someone gets to the # before you, you wont know... just the minimum # required for the award..


We have a Facebook Page for the clan... Post your screenshots... Bragging Rights...   here


To My Clan:

 You all can set up a Strongholds battle any time you want... I wouldn't recommend going to tier X. The Low Class goes to Tier 1- to tier 6. Next class is 1-8 then 1-10... 

You need 7 to get into a tier 6 battle... 

Good Luck all..


How to cash in on "Gifts" from other players... or how to cash in on the Recruiter Bonus I am providing....


I am on Skype: Gunmetalengineer


We are on Facebook.... Here


Our Teamspeak Courtusy of  Harleyman & Messybum download here

please keep your WOT username to avoid confusion

Login.. click connections (top left corner) 

Then connect.....


your username (from Tanks)

pass: blowitup

please bring your Platoon to Platoon Room, Team battles, and boxes to the appropriate room. [Passwords in brackets]


Things to keep in mind :  Main Page

 • Tactics 

 • Camoflague  + when hiding, be just to the friendly side of the bush.. not INSIDE it.. u are better camoflagued about a barrel length from it... + 100% camo skill + Net + gold Camo...     (Questions Just ask We can Training Room)

When Resetting Cap - (our cap) though it is important to take one guy out of the fight... (focus Fire) - it is also important to reduce the cap count.. Remember that each tank has his own "pool" or "reset" .... Hit each one at least 1x to keep the cap count down..


 If you are interested in Ranking up in the Clan check out our facebook page


Some Quotes From Gunmetal_Engineer

To an arty in battle who is lacking... "I'm sure you have done allot of damage, please start killing"

To the Team At Start of a Battle "Think of the worst possible way to deploy, then do the opposite"