[Luger] is currently recruiting players, or all tiers/skillset.

We are a smaller clan (32 members).


Requirements include.

• Be a Team Player. We need players who are willing to play team battles, at current we are trying to build our stronghold. (tier 6) as well as team battles (tier 8) and platooning (most of our members play tier 4 and above)

• Be available for 'Team' Battles.

• Be an active player on your way to tier 6.

• We are looking for players who are online 3-5 days a week.

• Applicants are expected to exhibit mature behavior, as we are a clan of older members. We are trying to keep the members we have. Our loyalty therefore lies with our existing members. As with most clans we have had people come and go.  


Things we have to offer:

• Being on /part of a team / Part of a clan.

• Team training sessions to improve your game. (normally some one is in the Clan chat and can help you.)

• We have a Team speak channel.

• We regularly play team orientated battles. (Strongholds, Team Battles, Platoons)

• We are a mature clan; Most of us are over 18 and in the firearms industry.


We Are continuing to build a group of "active" players (online 2-7 days a week)


We have been actively playing stronghold battles in the Tier 6 category. We have 4 structures so far, and need 50 players to expand from there.


Questions may be directed to the Clan Leader. or a Recruiter


I hope you will consider [LUGER] when you decide to join a clan.


~Bahr "Gunmetal_Engineer"